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Letters to the Editor

Unease about gunman at USF

I am concerned about the arrest that took place on campus early Tuesday morning. Not so much the arrest itself, but the fact USF students and faculty were not notified until an e-mail went out at 1:28 p.m.

Has USF learned nothing from the tragic incident at Virginia Tech? I have even signed up for MoBull Plus, but did not receive any notification from that service. What good is the service if it isn’t used?

I understand that the authorities felt that the situation was under control, but shouldn’t the administration be more cautious? This information should be passed on so that students, faculty and staff can remain alert. Furthermore, I take exception to the comment in the campus-wide e-mail that read, “At no point were any students, faculty or staff endangered.” Regardless of whether this man intended to use the weapons, I insist that anyone on campus between the time that he arrived and the time that he was arrested was, in fact, endangered. I am not an alarmist, but I believe that in light of recent events, all threats should be taken seriously and treated as such. I am disappointed by the administration’s handling of this event.

Jamie Smith is a junior majoring in history and classical civilizations.