SG senate chooses leaders

With Student Government senate President Barclay Harless moving to the position of student body president at the end of this semester, changes in senate hierarchy had to be made.


Senate held its yearly elections for president, pro-tempore and committee chairs during its first meeting of the 48th term Tuesday evening.

Current Pro-tempore Nathan Davison ran unopposed for the presidential seat. He will work alongside senator Nicole Randazzo, who will take over as pro-tempore next term.

Other positions went to senators Matt Coppens, Loren Glaser, Mark Fifer, David Parrino and newcomer Kenan Aradak.What was a first meeting for some was also a final meeting for others.

Senators in the 47th term took their final opportunity to vote on several controversial bills before wrapping up the year.

Senators rejected two bills that have been pending for several weeks.

The first dealt with a proposed logo implementation on all goods bought with students’ Activity and Service Fees. The original bill would have forced any item large enough in size to be “branded” with a square bearing the SG logo along with the phrase “Activity and Service Fee Funded.” After several student organizations came forward with complaints about the idea – specifically noting the amount of money it would cost to add this logo to T-shirts and other event paraphernalia – SG chose to rewrite the bill, adding a section that expressly excludes student organizations from the rule.

At Tuesday’s senate meeting, a debate began as to whether it was appropriate to label items paid for with money SG allocated. In the end, though, senators chose to reject the bill.

The second bill denied would have created a rule that any senator wishing to sit as a committee chair must have already sat in senate for at least one semester.

At the end of the evening, SG Administrative Services Adviser David Brickhouse gave a presentation on the Activity and Service Fee Recommendation Committee’s allocations for the 2007-08 fiscal year.

The bill outlining each individual allocation was passed almost unanimously.The total allocation reached just over $10.1 million dollars and was divided into four areas.

Student Programs and Services will receive the greatest amount – more than $6.5 million. The entity is comprised of the Recreation Center, the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, the office of Greek Life as well as numerous other organizations mostly housed in the Marshall Center.

SG will receive the second largest sum – more than $2 million. More than $700,000 will be placed in a mandatory reserve account and the remainder – more than $600,000 – will be distributed to student organizations.