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Harless, Flowers take presidential oath

With another year coming to a close, Student Government had one last major event to host: an inauguration.

The College of Business Atrium was host to dozens of SG employees, University administrators and family members early Monday evening as student body President-elect Barclay Harless and Vice President-elect Garin Flowers took their place among the ranks of USF student body presidents.

Early into the ceremony, administrators gave congratulations to Harless and Flowers on their presidential victory and thanked outgoing President Frank Harrison and Vice President Faran Abbasi for their work and achievements over the past year.

“To the outgoing president and vice president Frank Harrison and Faran Abbasi, job well done,” President Judy Genshaft said. “Very well done.”

Dean of Students Kevin Banks also spoke about the accomplishments produced by Harrison’s administration, saying he was proud to have an opportunity to work with both Harrison and Abbasi.

The mood was light as Harrison and Abbasi gave their final goodbyes and appreciation to all of the people who helped them during their tenure.

Before leaving office, Harrison had a few words of advice for the incoming officials.”Really, I have just one thing to ask of you, and that is that you will always be honest with yourselves and your constituents about the state of the University,” Harrison said. “This responsibility is one that falls on you … this role is one that I pass on to you with confidence and one that I also pass on eagerly.”

Midway through the ceremony, SG Supreme Court Chief Justice Kevin Williams swore in Harless, Flowers and newly elected senators.

Aside from taking oaths of office, Harless, Flowers, Harrison and Abbasi participated in a symbolic flag ceremony signifying the passing of administrative leadership.


Before the evening ended, Vice President of Student Affairs Jennifer Meningall gave the annual charge to Harless and Flowers.

“I charge you with being dependable … I charge you to operate in the highest of character … I charge you to operate with courage … I charge you with decisiveness … I charge you with endurance … I charge you with enthusiasm … I charge you with initiative … I charge you with integrity … I charge you with judgment, with sound judgment … I charge you with justice … I charge you with knowledge … I charge you with tact … I charge you with unselfishness … I charge you, finally, with loyalty … congratulations,” Meningall said.

The evening closed with speeches from Harless and Flowers, who thanked their families, fraternities and friends as well as each other.

“Lastly, thank you, Garin, for telling me when I was right and when I was wrong,” Harless said. “For continually supporting me – for being the guy that had my back all the time, no matter what the challenge was. I look forward to a good year and I know we’ll be lifelong friends and I really appreciate your friendship.”