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ERC supervisor gives reasons for quiet election season

If students feel as though this year’s Student Government election season has been shorter than previous years, they’re right. Supervisor of Elections Devin Lee said students may not realize how much work the candidates have been doing for a number of reasons.

“Last year there was 30 full days of campaigning,” Lee said. “This year … there’s only 18 total days.”

Other reasons Lee gave for a “quiet season” include the number of tickets running for presidential office – two – and the lack of grievances filed between tickets.

Last year four tickets ran for the position of student body president, and dozens of grievances were filed before and even after the election was over.

Lee said he has a solution to help combat student apathy.

As the second week of campaigning begins today, Lee said he and the Election Rules Committee staff are preparing for the addition of mobile polling stations to this year’s race.

Lee said the implementation of computerized, outdoor polling stations is a first for Student Government elections and he hopes it will provide a larger voter turnout than previous years.

“We hope to take a count of outdoor polling stations versus non (outdoor) stations,” Lee said. “We’re trying to prove that they really do work.”

Aside from the outdoor polling stations, Lee said his staff is preparing flyers and promotional items to hand out to students within the days leading up to the election.

This week will begin the first of three debates between presidential tickets, Jessica Asuncion and running mate Tony Caldwell opposing Barclay Harless and Garin Flowers.

The two tickets will face off Thursday Feb. 21 in Holly J. The debate is sponsored by the Residence Hall Association.