Leavitt: Birthday routine as normal

After 50 years, it’s just another day to coach Jim Leavitt. Tuesday brought Leavitt’s 50th birthday, but he said it was just an “anti-climatic” day.

“Oh, no (plans),” Leavitt said following Tuesday’s practice. “I’m going to go to the (men’s) basketball game for a little bit, then take a shower, head home – probably watch some film.”

Leavitt said the day still held special meaning to him.

“I got up this morning, so that was great,” Leavitt said. “I got a call from a old friend this morning. He said, ‘Pause for second. Think about this: You’ve been alive for half a century.’ I guess that’s just the way you look at that.

“The fact that I can be out here and coaching these guys is really the best present I can get.”

But there were still jokesters such as offensive line coach Greg Frey, the only coach who has been with Leavitt since 1997.

“I got him the same thing he got me for my birthday (Monday),” Frey joked.

Bull bits: Defensive end Josh Julmiste sat out of practice Monday and Tuesday with a boot on his left foot. … Cornerback Courtney Denson has moved to wide receiver, the position at which he finished the 2005 season and his third position change since transferring from Auburn.