To tip and when to tip? That is the question.

People need to tip. Some workers depend on tips to equal out their hourly wage, which is problem when people don’t understand how much or even whom to tip. Here is a guide that’s sure to maintain a sound conscience, while keeping valets and servers happy.

Fast food

While most of the time you do not need to tip, it depends on the franchise. At Sonic, servers bring the food out to your car. According to an operator at the Sonic hotline, tipping for this service is not encouraged.

Pizza delivery

According to the Emily Post Institute Web site, which addresses etiquette and other societal concerns, pizza delivery person should receive 10 percent of the bill (excluding tax), and at least $1 for bills up to $10. For difficult deliveries, a 15 to 20 percent tip is recommended. According to a former owner of Westshore Pizza, the delivery person should get about 10 percent of the bill. For more information on how to tip for pizza, go to


The recommended tipping rate varies by location, according to Florida Taxi. The Emily Post Institute states riders should budget for 15 percent, with an extra $1 to $2 for help with bags when traveling.


According to a Doubletree Hotel operator, valets can be tipped whatever the guest sees fit. However, the Emily Post Institute says $2 is reasonable.

Hair salon

Tips are usually around $5 to $10, according to an employee at Mabuhay Hair Studio on North 30th Street in Tampa. The Emily Post Institute states a 15 to 20 percent tip is acceptable.


For Sink or Swim deals, where barhoppers pay a flat fee and drink all night, a $1 tip for each drink is standard. Tips for regular drinks should be around 18 to 20 percent, said Cynthia Kempson of the American Bartending School.

Grocery loader

Some grocery stores, such as Publix, maintain a non-tipping policy for baggers. The Emily Post Institute suggests checking each store’s policy to find out if tips are accepted. If so, $1 for bringing bags to car; $1.50 to $3 if you have more than three bags.

Curbside to Go

Servers expect a tip. They record the order, package meals and deliver them outside to customers. Most servers aren’t paid by minimum wage standards, so tips are important.

Tipping isn’t required, but if you want to be confident servers aren’t spitting in your food or giving you obscene gestures behind your back, I’d suggest forking over a few more dollars for that burger or perm.