After complaints, SG to add more buses for games

After receiving complaints about the Student Government-funded bus service to home football games, student body Vice President Faran Abbasi said he would request more buses for Saturday’s game and make sure they left at the right time.

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said in an e-mail that more than 200 students were left behind at the parking lot across from the USF Post Office before Saturday’s game against McNeese State. The e-mail said each bus left as it was filled, and most or all buses had left before the scheduled departure time.

Abbasi said the service, which secures six Bull Runner shuttles from Parking and Transportation Services for the commute, never promised to provide seats for every student interested in a ride.

“It’s always been first come, first serve,” he said.

To finance the transportation, Abbasi said SG spends $8,000 for six buses to use through the football season. SG funds come from students’ Activity and Service fees.

To accommodate demand, Abbasi said he and Frank Kerney, director of Student Life and Development for SG, ordered two more buses for Saturday.

Each bus costs $250 to use per game, Kerney said.

If the eight buses are enough to meet the needs of the students, Kerney said SG would consider securing eight buses for every game.

“The last thing we want to do is leave people behind,” Abbasi said. “It’s a learning experience for us, and we’re kind of changing our plan.”