Few problems on first day

Despite a few minor traffic accidents and a fight outside the Burger King on campus, University Police had a relatively quiet first day on Monday.

“We were more active then we had been over the summer,” UP spokesman Michael Klingebiel said. “But as far as first days go, it hasn’t been the most active.”

Throughout the day, officers responded to false alarms in Kosove and Epsilon halls. There were minor traffic accidents near parking lots 47 and 36 and at the intersection of Alumni and Maple Drives.

Several officers responded to a battery report near the Burger King at 11:49 a.m.

Klingebiel said one female student was the target of an attack that was believed to have resulted from an argument with a friend. UP is still investigating the incident.

Officers also responded to a report of an auto theft in which the reportedly stolen vehicle was eventually located, Klingebiel said.

“It actually happens a lot,” Klingebiel said. “People think they are parked in one lot and are actually parked somewhere else. During this week it’s not unheard of, you know, people are just new. We’ll get these reports, and probably 95 percent of the time we’ll locate the vehicle.”

Klingebiel said Monday’s incidents were tame in comparison to the activity on the first day of school in fall 2005.

“It hasn’t been as crazy as last year,” Klingebiel said.

In fall 2005, a student was struck by the driver of a black Acura as she walked across Alumni Drive on her way to class. While responding to the scene, UP Sgt. Michael Rapp was ejected from his motorcycle after being hit by the driver of an SUV near the first accident.

In an unrelated incident, the driver of a Honda Accord collided into a woman walking across Alumni Drive.

For the remainder of this week, Klingebiel said officers are preparing for heavy traffic around the Transportation and Parking Services building and the Bookstore as students get settled.

“As the week progresses, I’m sure we’re going to get more bodies out there,” Klingebiel said. “People getting books, heading over to transportation. There’s construction going on in both areas, so it’s a little more difficult to get to than before.”

To help commuters find a parking spot and navigate University traffic, Transportation Services Program Assistant Ed Hernandez will be giving traffic updates via WBUL. Signs are also being posted to let students know which parking lots are open, TPS clerk Dennis Bennett said.