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The ‘Realities’ of it all

It isn’t the first book of its type and most certainly will not be the last. With college admissions and career opportunities becoming more competitive, The Four Realities of Success During and After College takes on the goal of showing young people how to achieve success while transitioning into adulthood and entering the workforce.

Within the book, students are given detailed information on ways to live and breathe success from the moment they enter high school until they are on their own and managing their lives in the working world.

The book makes good points and is thorough in showing students how to stay on their toes in college; however, much of its effectiveness is lost in its 365 pages.

In the 62 chapters of his book, Bob Roth gives students a wealth of suggestions of different ways in which they can plan ahead and be successful in college. In a chapter called “Follow your Plan of Action,” Roth outlines ways to keep up grades, participate in college activities, join clubs and get a part-time job.

Four Realities also has helpful chapters devoted entirely to finding leadership opportunities in college and building a resume. Further into the book, Roth explains how to achieve success after graduation, with chapters on subjects such as “factors that affect your career” and “personal behavior on the job.”

The ideas are straightforward and helpful but become repetitive and drawn out. For example, ideas presented in a chapter focused on obtaining a well-rounded college experience are reiterated often in later chapters. The long lists of different ways to succeed can also be overwhelming to students who are busy trying to juggle enough in their college lives already.

Put plain and simply, The Four Realities of Success is a good source of information for students looking to stay on track and prepare for the future, but many students just wouldn’t have enough time read to the book, let alone follow all of the guidelines given in it.