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Letter to the Editor

Student body rallied against hatred from Christian extremists

Re: “Shouting Match” Picture of the Day, March 30.

On Wednesday, two archangels of truth descended upon Cooper Hall to deliver the message of God.

Or so they’d have you believe.

They came, in their own words more or less, to condemn all those who were not of their warped sect of Christianity to an eternity of burning and to flaunt their glorious self-righteousness in the form of massive, invective- smattered banners.

Between their delusional barkings, I heard many students asking among themselves, “What good could possibly come of this?”

I’ll tell you what good came of it.

That day, I saw dozens upon dozens students, from all walks of life, from every disparate element of our student body, coming together: Christians, Muslims and atheists; gays and straights; blacks and whites and everything in between, setting aside their differences and prejudices, if only just for a moment, and standing in unity against the viscious ramblings of these “preachers.” Standing together against bigotry and hate and religious perversity.

And it was beautiful.

Kevin Cullen is a junior majoring in English.