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Abortion debate is the battle that will never end

The topic of abortion has been beaten like a dead horse. However, it always seems to be in current events since there is always a new abortion regulation or law trying to be passed. The Supreme Court is reviewing a federal law that bans late-term abortion, which is considered to be about 18 weeks pregnant. There are many factors involved in this debate. For example, it is a consideration to allow abortion to be legal if there are health risks to the mother and/or the baby.

There are many arguments, protests and organizations that are fighting both sides of the abortion battle. Neither side ever seems to have the upper hand when it comes to this fight. If abortion is made illegal in the United States, the pro-life side may not truly win, since women will find ways to get around the law, using various methods such as the use of coat hangers, visiting unauthorized doctors or leaving the country to have the procedure done.

In Ireland, it is illegal to perform abortions, but advertisements for abortion clinics from other countries are allowed. reported that in 2000 there were a total of 6,500 women who left Ireland to get an abortion in another country, most likely Great Britain. The law forbidding abortions has not stopped the Irish, so why would it stop Americans?

“The Incidence of Abortion Worldwide” an article by Stanley K. Henshaw, Susheela Singh and Taylor Haas in the International Family Planning Perspectives Journal states that in Romania, the abortion rate is 78 abortions for every 1,000 women.

Different cultures have different norms regarding abortion. In the same article, it is also reported in Switzerland that there were only 8.4 abortions per 1,000 women. Every culture has its way of doing things, and change is difficult. America’s culture is split in half when it comes to the argument of abortion.

Organizations protesting abortion in America should not be focusing their energy on Congress or the Supreme Court. They should be reaching out to women around the country, because the decision of abortion is truly in their hands. These groups should be encouraging their morals and their opinions on the women of America, not the government.

Abortion is not a legal battle; it is a battle of morals that some people have yet to realize. Until the time comes when every woman’s view is swayed to one side, – which will never happen – the battle of abortion will never die.