Presidential candidates to debate

Tonight in Holly J, student body president and vice president candidates will have a chance to debate topics posed by students.

The debate – which will be held at 7 – will include three of the four tickets running for office: Frank Harrison and his running mate Faran Abbasi, Jeremy Bills and his running mate Joy Gamble-George, and Ben Sens and his running mate Ernest Joe.

Both Kyle Myers and his running mate Aadil Modi will not be able to make the event. Myers said he is attending a leadership conference, and Modi is leaving the state to take care of family business.

“We aren’t concerned about missing the debate,” Myers said. “It’s only one, and we’ll have several other debates coming up; some aren’t even scheduled yet.”

The other three tickets had little to say about the upcoming debate except that they are relaxed and prepared for any question they might receive.

“We’re ready for (the debate),” vice presidential candidate Abbasi said. “I need to go get my hair cut, but that’s about it.”

Past topics at debates have ranged from campus safety to poorly maintained water fountains in the residence halls.

Presidential campaigns are governed by the Election Rules Committee. The ERC responds to grievances received from the student body by assessing points to the campaign’s score. Any campaign receiving 10 or more points will be disqualified.

So far, Bills and Gamble-George were assessed three points for logo infringement, according to a grievance report filed by the ERC. Harrison and Abbasi were also assessed one point for displaying unapproved signs.