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TAKE 5: with men’s soccer coach George Kiefer

O: What’s your favorite movie?

GK: The Godfather. There are many valuable lessons when it comes to business in the movie The Godfather. It’s all about family, too.

O: What team do you follow in Major League Soccer?

GK: MLS is really tricky to follow with their game times. I’m a big fan of (the) Kansas City (Wizards). I’ve gotten to know them well because they have their preseason (games) here (at USF). I respect their coach (Bob) Gansler as a coach, and I usually like to see what they’re up to.

O: Do you have any hobbies outside of soccer?

GK: I look at a lot of model homes with my wife (Lauren). That’s about it. (Laughs.)

O: You ever go out at practice, kick the ball around with your players?

GK: I will serve balls into the goal box, but as far as actually playing, I stay out of that. I would make a lot of mistakes, and it’s the same that I get on them for. They don’t need to see me doing that.

O: Your playing days are done?

GK: My playing days are done. I am old. Now, I coach and jog with my iPod.

– Mike Camunas