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Unconventional Wisdom: Angel card therapy

When questions and problems arise in life, sometimes solace is found in a friend’s open ear or derived from the wise words of a parent or mentor. Other times it may be helpful to consult the spiritual realm for the answers you seek. Oracle cards are tools that enable the user to communicate with their guardian angels and attempt to find healing comfort for life’s little grey areas.

The Healing With Angels Oracle Cards are similar to tarot cards but are different in several ways. The cards are contained in a simple cardboard box with a full set of do-it-yourself instructions. A tiny booklet outlines ways to connect with yourself and your angels as well as interpret your drawn cards within each reading. The oracle cards do not contain negative messages and gently guide the reader in reaching their healing destination.

The oracle cards are related to a practice called angel therapy. This spiritual healing process is not linked with any one religion, and requires only a basic belief that God and angels protect us.

According to, peace comes to us through an open heart to our guardian angels. The site claims that by working with your angels you can “heal and harmonize every aspect of life.”

To be honest, I entered my first reading with mild skepticism. While the idea of the cards is lovely and reassuring, my own practicality made me think they could be nothing more than a clever marketing scheme. My faith in the reading was meager. I began, as the booklet instructed, to try to relax, center myself and wash away any plaguing feelings of doubt. I began a steady breathing pattern and cleared my mind as completely as possible while still focusing on the instructive booklet.

Next, I took the deck of 44 cards and held them in my hands, trying to transfer my personal energy onto the deck. The deck, which was borrowed from a friend, needed to be cleansed of the owner’s information and infused with my own energy. I slowly touched each card in a shuffling fashion while concentrating on the transference of power.

I then attempted to connect with my angels by internally asking them to aid me through my reading. The book guides you to seek additional help from anyone that resides in the spiritual realm who shares a close relationship. While asking my angels for help, I continued to shuffle the deck in my hands. Once I felt in tune with the spiritual realm, I asked my angels to guide me in a general reading to show me the things that are important for me to understand about my life right now. When the cards begin to stick together in clumps, it is time for the reading to begin.

I fanned out the cards face down and ran my fingers slowly over them, letting my intuition choose cards at random and in any quantity. The booklet advises the user to relax, feel the number that you should pick and go with it. I chose seven cards from the row and turned them face up. The ornately decorated cards displayed words such as “Divine Timing” and “Manifestation.”

The booklet gives a paragraph of information about the meaning and interpretation of each card. Some of my chosen cards, such as “Study” and “Focus,” seemed pretty true considering I was cramming for an exam all day. Also, being a senior, this is the time when I need to concentrate on my work in order to graduate. The cards also explore the deeper meanings of these somewhat simple words. For example, the “Study” card doesn’t mean only to actively participate in studies, but also to apply prior learned knowledge to daily tasks and take time to reflect on personal growth. The “Focus” card means to center your attention, but to do so in such a way that you “think about what you want, not what you don’t want.” It suggests you stand firm on decisions and practice affirming your beliefs.

“Emerging” was also fitting, as I am trying to close one chapter of my life and progress to another. This card felt especially true as it asks me to show my true self and be visible to others, and they will draw inspiration from my forthrightness. To be as open and honest as I have been in many of my columns has been an “emerging” experience for me, and I can only hope to inspire others with my honesty.

While these cards held segments of truth, one card did not feel as in tune. I drew the “Children” card, which could mean playing with kids or reconnecting with your own inner child. I feel like I suffer from the Peter Pan syndrome of never wanting to grow up, and therefore I am very in touch with my inner, playful side. It could suggest I should take a break from work to play more often than I do. But while the other cards seem to apply directly and immediately, the “Children” card required a bit more interpretation. Yet, for the most part, my first reading hit a few nails on the head.

The book details other kinds of readings, such as a “past, present, future” reading and a reading where you ask a direct question. I tried these readings as well with the same results of a mix of accuracy and doubt. The cards that I drew for the “past, present, future” reading reinforced what was said in my first general reading. My direct question reading was answered with a “Playfulness” card that was appropriate but perhaps not the full explanation I had hoped for. My question pertained to the success of my future goals, and the card details the importance of fun and its incorporation into daily life. While I can only hope achieving my goals will be fun, the answer felt a bit out of place to me now.

The experience of reading my oracle cards was relaxing and enjoyable overall. It was a nice excuse to sit, breathe and clear the mind. It was interesting to see what my angels thought I should know about my life. While my skepticism is not entirely erased, my horizons are broadened. The cards that were accurate were insightful and reassuring at the same time. However, some of the cards interpretations were so broad that they could basically apply to anyone. Those did not help maintain the reality of the readings.

Whether or not angels gave me real advice, the oracle card readings were healing in the effect that they require relaxation, and contain positive messages. I certainly put the deck down feeling a satisfied calm.

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