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Sports theme for Bulls Nite

With the football game scheduled away, Saturday night is left open. However, don’t think that USF would leave Bulls without entertainment. Substitute tailgating with Bulls Nite Out, an event sponsored by Campus Activity Board.

The festivities begin tonight in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center at 9. The night is dedicated to sports. Student Director of Bulls Nite Out Ray Pryce has chosen this theme for its appeal to a wide range of students. Since USF’s admittance into the Big East Conference, CAB strives to link sports enthusiasm to activities on campus.

Tonight’s activities include bouncy boxing in an inflatable structure, in which students strap on padded boxing gloves, a safety helmet and fight until the bell. There will also be a bungee run, in which two people are connected to a bungee cord in opposite inflatable tunnels and run as hard as they can to beat the other’s distance, marked by a Velcro indicator. Human bowling is an activity where you get into a round cage and become the ball, rolling yourself into a set of 5-foot pins.

Mini golf on a putt-putt course, a quarterback toss challenge and virtual surfing are some of the activities scheduled for Bulls Nite Out.

In line with the sports theme, tailgate-style catering by Port-a-Pit will serve hamburgers and hot dogs with chips. DJ H. Vidal will provide the musical entertainment for the evening.

Graduate adviser Nick Rau, who is especially excited about the mini golf, boasts the diversity of the event. “Go at your own pace,” said Rau. “Come get some food, and congregate with your friends by the DJ or do every activity. Make this program into whatever you want to.”

The event will be the second attempt at Bulls Nite Out. At the preceding event during the Round- Up, more than 800 Bulls came out. By increasing the number of activities, CAB is looking for a gauge of student satisfaction.

“We are hoping for a good, solid turnout and students to be happy with the entertainment provided,” Rau said.

Bulls Nite Out is pending monthly to bi-weekly status with the evaluation of its success.

To be aware of upcoming CAB events, check residence halls for posters, or read the chalk writing on the sidewalk. Flyers are distributed and events are posted on the CAB Web site: So if you are looking for an alternative to going off campus, CAB provides options.

As Rau suggests, students can “literally go in (their) backyard and have something fun to do.”