TAKE 5: With men’s soccer player Dane Brenner

Oracle: What’s your major?

Dane Brenner: Sociology, with a minor in business

O: What’s your favorite restaurant?

DB: That’s a hard one, I would have to say – Chipolte’s.

O: What’s your favorite TV show?

DB: CSI: Las Vegas

O: Do you like reality TV?

DB: I don’t watch it; I don’t have time to watch it. Being an athlete, I don’t have time to sit down and watch that.

O: What’s your favorite movie?

DB: Wedding Crashers. Definitely.

O: What are the team goals this year?

DB: We want to finish in the top two in the Big East on our side of the division. Get in the Big East tournament, do well in that; obviously get in the NCAA tournament and make a run at it .

– Jeffrey Jones