In a season that has just started, USF will be tested

I’m about to say something more shocking and jaw-dropping than has ever spread from the word of The Oracle.

USF’s football team is still winless.

I know what you’re thinking: Those dang Oracle guys, say something positive for once. Hear me out.

Saturday, USF won a laugher against Division 1-AA Florida A&M. FAMU is coming off one of the worst off-seasons in collegiate football history. They lost their head coach and they have had more sanctions put on their program than a hostile country.

The Bulls had a borderline shutout against a bad team. I’m not sure if this is a positive or a negative.

Positives are as follows: They won a game. Hooray! Andre Hall is well rested after topping the 100-yard mark before the end of the third quarter. A well-rested Hall is a happy Hall against the Knights. The defense – No. 1 in the land in pass defense for at least the rest of this week – played lights-out football. The Bulls defense, led by Stephen Nicholas and Ben Moffitt, was flying to the ball and knocking the Rattlers senseless.

These are all good things to see and great confidence builders for a game that will be nothing less than a battle royal.

Negatives: The Bulls shouldn’t get too cocky after this one: When you’re subbing third stringers into the game, it’s not much of a contest.

The FAMU band put up more of a fight.

Quarterback Pat Julmiste attempted only six passes against FAMU. Let’s hope the rust doesn’t settle in because Julmiste is going to have to do more than throw six times to beat UCF. The Knights defense stepped up big time in the second half against Steve Spurrier and South Carolina, virtually stuffing the Gamecocks in every phase of the game. Save for a couple of goal-line stands, we’re talking about a 0-2 Spurrier team.

I’ll say this once, and only once: Do not overlook the Knights. See: Army in 2004, and that was homecoming.

Defensively, USF matches up well against the Knights, but UCF quarterback Steven Moffett looked like a born-again athlete against USC. Putting a spy on Moffett – a Moffitt vs. Moffett scenario, if you will – will hopefully keep him in check. Offensively, the line has to burst off the ball and open adequate running lanes for Andre Hall.

Without him, all is lost.

UCF has had two weeks of rest and two weeks of solid game film to exploit the Bulls’ weaknesses. Coach George O’Leary is a great ball coach; make no mistake of that. Expect UCF to be ready.

Words have been marked here folks. There are talks of a guaranteed win and the Bithlo Brawlers are coming to town.

So with that in mind, let’s just forget about FAMU.

Let’s all pretend USF is still winless. Try to keep the mindset that the Penn State game was just a mere day or so ago and that the loss still stings.

If the Bulls play like a team still looking for a win, they’ll play like a team backed into a corner. UCF will have the exact same mindset come Saturday.

Time to fight fire with fire.