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Dane Cook not the only attraction

The USF students who arrived 45 minutes early to the Round-Up may have been there to check out the clubs and organizations at the student organizations fair, but it was clear that Dane was on the brain – Dane Cook, that is.

Some students had homemade signs and T-shirts proclaiming their devotion for Cook, drawing from his jokes for their inspiration. One girl’s T-shirt had “BAMF” emblazoned on it, while another girl carried a sign asking, “Dane, will you make me a sanguich?”

Maxon Victor, student body president, was outside hyping the crowd, which stretched from the Sun Dome entrance, past the Campus Recreation Center and down the sidewalk on Maple Drive.

Students got to see “over 100 current student groups” at the student organizations fair, which preceded Cook’s performance, according to the Marshall Center Web site.

While students were excited about Cook’s performance, many students, especially new students, were looking forward to learning more about USF’s clubs and organizations.

“I want to see what kind of stuff is going on around campus,” said Andres Valenzuela, a freshman majoring in pre-med. “I’m thinking of joining a club, I don’t know what kind. I’m also looking at different kinds of frats.”

Adam Goldberg, a freshman majoring in mass communications, wanted to meet new people at the student organizations fair – and see Cook.

“Dane Cook is definitely a plus,” Goldberg said, “and to get involved in some clubs (is a plus). I don’t know very many people and I’m looking for clubs to get to know people.”

And the student organizations were looking for people, as well. Johanna Lara, news director at WBUL, took an interesting approach to bring people to her booth by showing off her Jack Russell puppy.

“(We) came to the Round-Up to promote our department,” Lara said. “We need reporters, show producers and associate writers.”

Stelios Ioannou, president of Europeans at USF, was clear on what his club’s mission for the Round-Up was.

“(We want) to make new members, advertise the club, meet new people and have a good time,” Ioannou said. “(The club is) for everybody, not just Europeans.”

Those who were working the event shared in the excitement from the evening, like Sharon Le, a Student Activities student assistant.

“(We had) a much better turnout than last year,” Le said. “Our office got much more calls than it did last year. I’m glad to see this big of a crowd coming to a first-week event.”