A new world of bashing

It is well documented that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. With that many relationships failing, a woman needs more places to vent than her local hairdresser. Thanks to the Internet, there are several Web sites that women can now visit to unleash their anger. The site DontDateHimGirl.com offers a place where the “sisterhood of scorned women” can use cyberspace to warn other women of the potential heartbreak that awaits them.

At last visit, the site boasted 79 “cheaters” ranging in age from early 20s to mid-50s, found in cities from Miami to Los Angeles. The scorned women can post their most hateful thoughts about their exes on the site for free and some of them do not hold back. One of the cheaters was said to be “a consummate liar, bigamist and, in my opinion, very much a psychopath con man and an Internet predator.” Another of the accused from California is considered a baby maker and is “chronically unemployed and unskilled.”

There does not seem to be anything that a woman is not allowed to post. Anything and everything is said about these guys. One woman did not stop at saying the guy was a cheater but commented on his sexual performance. “He is the type of guy that will screw you (terribly, I might add) and – he couldn’t even do that right.” The names, ages and locations of all the cheaters are posted and one woman even posted her ex’s various screen names and the sites where he posts.

The men, if they become aware of their presence on the site, do have the opportunity to defend themselves. The site will accept an e-mail from the accused man and post it next to his profile for $4.99. Looking through all 79 profiles, not one man had responded to the accusations leveled against him.

Once a woman finishes her former man’s profile she can read and post on the site’s blog. Most of the posts are about men and how awful they are. There was a post about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. One blogger said, “He cheated. Look at what is happening with him and Angelina (Jolie) now,” despite the fact that all three have publicly denied any infidelity on the part of Pitt and Jolie. Another post offered a $100 gift card for Target for the best response on the issue of Matt Leblanc’s “drunken romp with a stripper.” There were 11 total responses and one of those was removed.

In case DontDateHimGirl.com is too tame for you, there is always Manhaters.com. This site offers a scientific approach to man bashing. “Our system automatically tallies the number of total votes and ranks them into a graph percentage form.” According to the site, it was “created to help women avoid wasting time dating cheating men, lying men, abusive men or just plain a–holes.”