Trio rocking the Landing

Hell’s Favorite Angels? Good Guys?

Alkaline Trio, the nicest bad guys of punk rock, will take the stage at Jannus Landing tonight at 8. Rise Against and Death by Stereo are opening the show. Tickets are $19 at the door.

USF senior Melissa Maynard attended Tuesday night’s show at the House of Blues in Orlando. “Alkaline Trio’s melodic love songs and eyeliner make them not-so-edgy punkers. Rise Against is very energetic and their lyrics are politically driven,” she said. The combination makes for a night that is anything but musical monotony.

Alkaline Trio started in 1997 when guitarist Matt Skiba got together with bassist Glenn Porter and drummer Rob Doran, according to their label’s Web site, Skiba says that was when he “began his quest for the perfect balance of lyrical hell and pop heaven.”

Dan Andriano later replaced Doran as the drummer, a second voice and a songwriter. To help him out with this full load, former Smoking Popes drummer Mike Felumlee joined the band in 2001.

With the addition of Derek Grant in 2003, Alkaline Trio, as the world knows it today, was finally complete. describes the union as the “perfection of the Trio sonic identity that had been evolving since ’97.”