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Summer’s surreal reality TV line-up


I want to be a Hilton
Tuesday, June 21

Exactly what reality TV needs: more Hiltons on the screen. This time mother Hilton, Kathy, is in control of the 14 contestants who compete to live the Paris lifestyle. Set in Manhattan, the contestants will face challenges in etiquette, beauty and fashion to prove they have what it takes to live like a socialite. Each week one person will be eliminated, with the final prize including a $200,000 trust fund.

The Law Firm
Thursday, July 28

A reality drama series with real lawyers competing against each other in actual courts with real cases and judges is the idea behind The Law Firm. The show has credibility, being produced by David E. Kelley of Ally McBeal and managed by trial attorney and legal analyst Roy Black. Black will determine which of the 12 legal aces will be sent home each week. The final legal eagle will walk away with a $250,000 prize.


The Scholar

Bunim-Murray Productions, the mad reality geniuses behind The Real World and The Simple Life, have created a new show that features — surprise surprise — intellectual high school kids. Ten high school seniors will compete for a full scholarship to the university of their dreams. The Scholar will test the students’ book smarts, leadership and willingness to serve the community. With Bunim-Murray at the helm, catfights and excessive drama are shoe-ins.

Brat Camp
Wednesday, July 13

Out-of-control kids have made their way from the afternoon talk shows to primetime television with Brat Camp. Six families send their undisciplined teenagers to a wilderness boot camp in the brush of Utah. The camp has the challenge of turning the brats into well-behaved, caring children. The teens are stripped of all their creature comforts and made to live with only nature to entertain them and nuts and berries to eat. Dr. Dan decides when the teens are reformed enough to return home.


Fire me … please

Call it the Un-Apprentice. Fire me … please is a four-part reality series where two people compete to get fired. The pair must start a new job at the same time, with the goal of being fired by 3 p.m. that afternoon. The person closest to, but not over the deadline is not disgraced by failure as in the real world, but rewarded with $25,000. Expect some pretty wild antics in order for the new employees to swiftly lose their jobs.

The Cut

Taking a hint from Bravo’s hit Project Runway, The Cut features clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger searching for the next great designer dud maker. Contestants will perform a series of tests mimicking Hilfiger’s rise from rags to riches. Their skills in design, as well as marketing and sales, will be put to the test. The winner gets to create his or her own clothing line under the Hilfiger label.