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Getting offensive

Well, it’s about time. Not only did it take long enough, it seems the USF football team had to jump through more red tape than a student trying to meet graduation requirements.

As of Tuesday, Jim Leavitt and Co. finally established who would be taking on the offensive play calling for the historical step into the Big East in the fall.

Rod Smith, former quarterbacks coach, has been promoted to offensive coordinator for the 2005 season.

For the Big “Are U Ready?” East season.

For the future.

The countdown began on April 18 — two days after the lousy Spring Game — when Mike Hobbie, wanting to spare his reputation as a businessman, took a hike after four seasons.But due to the simple process of elimination, Smith was quickly picked over Carl Franks, the current running back coach for the Bulls.

Hobbie wasn’t ready for the Big East; perhaps Leavitt isn’t either. It took him way too long to decide on a promotion. McDonald’s night managers get promoted faster than Rod Smith did.

Almost two months later, the high school players — including the so-called QB ‘gem’ Carlton Hill — graduated from high school and soon those incoming freshmen will be here.

Perhaps there shouldn’t have been a promotion that took longer than Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith to come out in theaters. A trilogy was completed on May 19, but on May 31 only two parts of a three-man team had been completed, with the starting quarterback position wide open for approximately five players.

Hobbie leaving was probably the last thing Leavitt needed after a horrific Spring Game that had about as much excitement as the credits to The Longest Yard circa 1974. Outside help is needed — that much is obvious — because good recruits are coming in, but there were few — if any — outside applicants for a job that starts at the bad end of the plank over the Big East Sea.

Time to swallow some pride, Jim. Get some help and come Oct. 1, it won’t taste so bad after walking out of the Orange Bowl. It will actually go down pretty easy with a mojito on South Beach.

Pinch your nose and suck it up, coach.

The clock to the Big East is more than three and half months away; it’s been running like a time bomb since the 43-14 loss to Pittsburgh on Dec. 6.

Tick. Tick. Tick.