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Tampa’s sexiest shops

The closest adult store to campus is XTreme Adult Books and Videos, open 24 hours and located on Fowler Avenue next to Pizza Hut. I was a little nervous going into the establishment; it looked like a warehouse and there was only one car in the parking lot.

When I entered the shop, I was surprised to see how small it was and how little it had to offer. It had the normal sections: toys, movies and magazines; but it wasn’t any bigger than my living room.

The associates didn’t even offer me a “hello,” but instead only a brief glance from what they were doing. One interesting thing I saw was a door leading to an arcade. That’s funny; I thought only adults could enter this store? What demographic are they really appealing to?

Down the road a few miles is the XTC Adult Supercenter, also open 24 hours and located on Fowler Avenue just west of the I-275 overpass. When I think of a supercenter, stores like Wal-Mart and Target come to mind, so I was expecting a store about the same size, with as much to offer. I was a little more at ease going into the shop. It was a little nicer looking on the outside, this time with about six cars in the parking lot.

I walked in and was greeted by a cheery man, who offered to help me if I needed anything. They definitely had a lot more to choose from than XTreme, did with toys lining the walls of the store, an assortment of videos in the middle and a magazine section. However, it wasn’t the supercenter size I had pictured; it was only a little bigger than Xtreme. Nevertheless, the friendly service and added selection made it a much better experience than the first business.

Finally, there’s “The Todd,” located on the corner of Fletcher and Nebraska Ave. I’ve visited this store a few times before and it has become my personal favorite of the three. Open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., it is about the same size as the Supercenter, but has so much more to offer. Anything an adult shopper can think of is in this one place. Everything from games to costumes is available, along with lubes, toys, videos, magazines, comics and even a fetish section; not to mention there’s a strip club attached to it.

It’s always busy, with vast varieties of people shopping. A small girl like me doesn’t need to worry about strange men staring because there are other girls shopping, as well as couples, and the associates are very friendly and eager to help. I highly recommend this store for first-timers and anyone else looking for quality adult products and entertainment.

None of these stores asked for my ID; I even offered it to one associate and he turned it down. But I’d bring one just in case. So grab your friends or your significant other and check out what adult entertainment around campus has to offer.