Students name FSA director

Out of six candidates hoping to fill the position of executive director of the FSA Board of Directors, Michael Fischer was chosen unanimously by representatives of seven state universities.

The FSA Board of Directors has invited Michael Fischer to be its new executive director. The board , which is comprised of 11 student body presidents at state universities, reviews legislation issues.

As executive director, Fischer will act as a representative on behalf of the Student Governments of these member schools and work with the board to complete objectives they have established for FSA. Along with Fischer’s duties on the FSA Board of Directors, he will also be responsible for “coordinating the schools to meet throughout the year to set the agenda for working on student issues.”

Student body Vice President elect Sameer Ahmed said that Fischer described himself as “standing out in a sea of suits.”

Fischer’s experience with SG begins with his undergraduate studies. At Florida State University, Fischer served as a student senator for one year, as director of student legal services for two terms and also as chief of staff.

“My experiences as an undergrad in Student Government will be a tremendous asset in my new position as executive director of FSA,” Fischer said.

“His experience was very vast and diverse,” Ahmed said. “One thing that is really important is who you know. He has to represent 11 universities across the state. I believe that from the people that voted, we felt that he would be the best executive director for FSA. Out of the candidates we spoke with, he stood out from all the rest.”

When Fischer heard the position was available, he jumped at the opportunity.

“I applied for the position when I received word it was vacant and interviewed before the Board of Directors,” Fischer said.

“If I could describe (Fischer) in one word, it would be character,” Ross said. “He brings a combination of Student Government knowledge and knowledge of the Legislature and governmental process. He has a lot of experience in both arenas and it set him apart from the other candidates.”

Ahmed was part of the USF student body representatives that aided in electing Fischer at the board’s last meeting. Ahmed said that while the current FSA is doing an excellent job, Fischer is a step in the right direction for the FSA’s future progress.

“Politics is all about who you know,” Ahmed said. “(Fischer) has a lot of connections in Tallahassee and knows Gov. Bush very well.”

“USF is a school that … is on the cusp of doing some amazing things,” Fischer said, expressing his eagerness to work with USF. “(USF has) done a tremendous job laying the framework of becoming one of the leading universities in the southeast.”

Through prior work in the governor’s office, Fischer has become familiar with USF’s growth management plan and awaits the opportunity to meet with campus leaders to advance student life.

“He’s an approachable gentleman,” Ahmed said. “We will have a better opportunity to get our points across to him. He can help us push our issues, but more specifically to USF, our Music Department and Architecture Department don’t have facilities and we keep getting vetoed by Jeb Bush. It’s not a one-man show with him, he wants to get us involved and get our liaisons active in Tallahassee.”

Fischer will serve a one-year term as executive director and will be eligible for renewal at the request of the Board of Directors.