Letters to the Editor

Preachers show lack of respect for students

I’m all for exercising one’s right to free speech, but the demonstrations that have been taking place in front of Cooper Hall are really beginning to get to me. So allow me to exercise my right to free speech as well.

For those of you who form these congregations or have chosen to demonstrate alone, don’t you think that it would be far more effective to spread your message in a positive manner?

The majority of these demonstrations make people very angry and frustrated. If you believe in God, don’t you think He (I say “He” for lack of a better term) would want you to deliver your message in a more positive fashion? And if there is a God, don’t you think he is all-loving and all-accepting? If he’s not, I, for one, don’t want to deliver his message. Most of what you are communicating is negative and makes the world a very cold place.

I hate to begin preaching myself because I believe that everyone has a right to lead their lives however they chose, but not at the expense of others. I agree that I am unqualified to pass judgment on you as well, but calling college students “party animals” or telling people that they will go to hell if they are homosexual certainly makes it harder for us to come together and love each other.

And if that is how you feel, why not respect the way that other people think or feel and allow them space and time to enjoy life rather than disturbing them as they attend class, try to educate themselves and attain real truth and sanity.

I guess there are no words that will get to some of these people. But I can sure as hell try; you should too. Don’t let them bombard you with these depressing messages and still feel welcome. Stand up for what you believe in.

Lindsay Meholick is a junior majoring in psychology.