On the bench with Jessica Dickson

The USF women’s basketball program was started in 1972. That’s 32 years of various women playing on the hardwood of the Sun Dome, and a few even setting some records.

But sophomore Jessica Dickson is not just breaking records. She’s shattering them.

In the Feb. 26 game against UAB, she scored 34 points — the second time she has scored 30 in her career (36 in 2004) — and at the same time eclipsed the 1,000-point mark of her career, becoming the youngest Bull in school history to accomplish the feat. Dickson is also second for most points scored in a season, when she had 540 as a freshman. This season she has 480, but more importantly, Dickson is on pace to break the all-time scoring record held by Wanda Guyton (1,820).

Recently, Oracle Sports Editor Mike Camunas sat down with the power-scoring forward to get her take on things.

Oracle: Now be honest, has there been one second this past week when you haven’t been thinking of the conference tournament?

Jessica Dickson: Probably when I’m in class (laughs). I’m thinking about my work.

O: I find that hard to believe.

JD: (laughs) We still have a lot of traveling, so that’s probably when I won’t be thinking about it.

O: So you’re saying there’s not one of those moments where you’re daydreaming and say, ‘Man, Charlotte….’

JD: Actually, I’ve maybe been daydreaming in study hall (laughs). I’ve been thinking about TCU and how we have to beat them.

O: So you got 1,000 points in two years. No big deal, right?

JD: I actually was nervous (on Saturday) about coming out and getting 1,000. I really didn’t know what to expect. I just came out and played, and like I said before, my teammates got me the ball, so I credit them.

O: So do you always score 34 points when you’re nervous?

JD: (laughs) My mom asked me, “What did you eat this morning?” “Oh, nothing but a sausage and cheese omelet.” “Well, geez, I guess I’m going to have to come over there and cook for you.”

O: I take it you’re going to eat some sausage and cheese omelets in Charlotte, right?

JD: Yeah, if they got them, I’ll take them.

O: If you couldn’t play basketball or do anything related to basketball, what would you do?

JD: I think I’d probably want to go into some kind of business. Start a clothing line or something like that.

O: The Jessica Dickson clothing line? What kind of feature items would you have?

JD: I’d definitely work on shoes. That’s my fetish: shoes. I have a shoe fetish. I have a lot of shoes and that would be the focus of my line.

O: Give me a round number, how many do you have?

JD: I have around 20 or so.

O: If they made a Jessica Dickson movie, who would play Jessica Dickson?

JD: OK, who’d play me? I got to think of somebody funny because I can be really humorous. I don’t know about that, I guess. I’m sorry. I can’t find somebody to be me.

O: A couple of weeks ago I interviewed (men’s basketball guard) Collin Dennis and he said he comes out and watches the women’s team play, and that he’s impressed by the way ya’ll have been playing and all the wins you’ve been getting. How does it feel to get a compliment like that?

JD: Whenever I see him, I’m going to kill Collin (laughs). I’m actually surprised, you know, to see him, being a freshman saying those remarks. I was truly surprised. And I think it was a great compliment. I also told him I’d play him one-on-one (laughs). Whenever he is ready.

O: Do you think you can beat him?

JD: Know what? I’m going to say yes, for all the women out there. (laughs)

O: Anyone else in particular on the men’s team you’d like to take on?

JD: No. I don’t think I want to mess with anybody (laughs).

O: Oh, come on. You’re taller than (men’s basketball guard) Brian Swift. You could shoot over him.

JD: Yeah, you’re right, but Brian, he is way quicker than me.

O: So can you score another 1,000 points? It was pretty easy, right?

JD: I’ll say it will be a goal of mine. I’ll still be here for a couple years, so that’s what I’ll be working on.

O: You’re only a sophomore. What have you learned in your time here at USF?

JD: I’ve learned a lot about time. Like in high school, it was big if you had like two hours to yourself, but here in college, that’s nothing, especially if you have practice, and things like that, and class. I think that it’s time management. Like if you want to go take a nap and then you’re like, “Dang, I only got an hour.” And an hour is not a long time. I wish I had more free time.