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In Brief: SG amendment information

Bill 50

Would cap the number of senators at 60. It would also allow for a new method of apportioning senate seats to each of the colleges, since the old method of apportioning seats would not work with a capped number of seats.

Bill 73

As it stands, all amendments passed by the senate have to be approved by university President Judy Genshaft before being voted on by the students. This amendment would eliminate the step requiring amendments to go through the president.

Bill 78

Officially puts SG agencies, departments and the various college councils and schools in the first article of the SG Constitution, right after the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Bill 80

Officially puts an order of succession in the SG Constitution in case the president and vice president can’t perform their duties. The order would be senate president, senate president pro tempore and then the attorney general.

Bill 81

This amendment incorporates a few changes to the legislative branch in the SG Constitution. First, it would no longer allow students to, at any time they want to and without any set reason, ask for a judgment from the SG Supreme Court on the constitutionality of statutes. The second part of the amendment eliminates senators choosing senators to fill holes in the senate. The final part of the amendment prohibits senators from holding positions in other branches of SG.

Bill 83

Prohibits justices on the SG Supreme Court from holding positions in any other part of SG.

Bill 84

Grammatical in nature, it changes the word “moneys” to “monies.”