Candidates set for Wednesday doubleheader

The Student Government presidential and vice presidential debates are in full swing, giving students a chance to participate in the elections and get to know the candidates better.

“We just hope the debates draw students’ interest. Our goal is a higher voter turnout,” said Charlie Eder, deputy of the Elections Rules Committee.

The six presidential candidates and their running mates will have an opportunity to answer questions already prepared by the ERC in a town hall style debate sponsored by the Residence Hall Association at 9 p.m. The College Republicans are sponsoring a debate at 7 p.m. where students will have an opportunity to meet and greet the candidates and ask personal questions.

“I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to be measured up against the other candidates because I believe we best reflect all USF students,” said presidential candidate Mike Johnson, whose running mate is Kyle Myers.

Student body Vice President Andrew Aubery said he wants the student body to know he is the most qualified and wants to continue to do a good job. Aubrey said he wants to show that he is worthy of the presidential position. His running mate is Jessica Asuncion.

Presidential candidate Maxon Victor said he wants to outline realistic plans in the debate. His running mate is Sameer Ahmed.

“I am looking forward to letting students know what we have to offer,” said presidential candidate Brandon Faza. “I also want to hear what the other candidates’ plans are, in terms of how they plan to implement their initiatives.” Faza’s running mate is Brittany Link.

Spokesperson Mike Deininger, for Glen Gilzean and Xavier Johnson, said the candidates are most looking forward to addressing the students directly and hearing student feedback.

Presidential candidate Silverlee Hernandez could not be reached for comment. Her running mate is Matthew Couret.