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Letters to the Editor

Rafik Hariri’s death a loss for Lebanon

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s death was not only a total shock and devastation to Lebanese worldwide; it brought back tragic reminders of Lebanon’s civil war.The Lebanese people shared feelings of mourning, instability and outrage.

Hariri, an active and tolerant optimist, gave the citizens a sense of hope in their homeland after post-war destruction. A well-respected politician, self-made billionaire and man who falls in the top 100 list of richest men on Earth, Hariri was responsible for the massive rebuilding and recovery of Lebanon. He proved to his people that change is not impossible, and a unified Lebanon can exist in peace.

I personally took pride in having him as a leader of Lebanon. He was a leader who gave back to his country what it lacked for so many years.

Whoever is responsible for his assassination has certainly aimed force at destabilizing the situation in Lebanon. I believe that these vicious games are things of the past that tried to bring Lebanon’s high hopes down a time of crisis.

However, the Lebanese of all religions are a strong people who have been through a civil war that lasted nearly two decades and managed to restore resilience and live peacefully side by side for many years.

If anything, the death of Hariri should rekindle the determination he had to maintain peace and stability in his beloved country and remind the world that solidarity and perseverance can overpower aggression.

Joumana Saad is a sophomore majoring in mass communications.

Oracle wastes space, not covering news

I like that we have we have a school newspaper. It allows for students to have a voice, give their opinions and also be entertained.

But at a university, you must also be informative and educate others. With that in mind, I opened The Oracle up Tuesday and on the fifth page found a big ad for The Oracle online.

Come on guys, you have nothing better to put there? No interesting stories or informative information? What’s the problem here? Furthermore, it’s black history month, how about we see a few more articles about these issues?

Ty Adams is a senior majoring in biology.