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Smith plays cupid for the unlucky in love

Will Smith is the perfect matchmaker in his new movie Hitch. Hitch was originally going to be called “The Last First Kiss,” which makes sense after watching the film.

Alex Hitchens, played by Smith, is the “date doctor,” a man who can set men up with the women of their dreams in just three dates, but cannot seem to get a break into his own love life.

Hitch is a smooth talker who knows what every woman wants until he meets the woman of his dreams. She makes it impossible for him to do anything right. Big date plans turn sour, including a case of food allergies, and his good intentions turn into disasters.

Smith is genuinely humorous in this smart comedy. He delivers good lines and knows how to make the comedy work. It is nice to see him as the leading man in a romantic comedy. His brand of comedy works better in Hitch than in films like Men in Black and Independence Day. Fans of Smith should definitely see this film.

Eva Mendez plays Sarah, the woman of Hitch’s dreams. She is a gossip columnist for a newspaper, and also happens to be single. Sarah is convinced she would like to stay single but is forced to rethink this idea when she meets Hitch. The chemistry between Mendez and Smith is persuasive and makes the audience believe that there really is someone out there for everyone.

King of Queens star Kevin James plays Albert Brenneman, Hitch’s toughest client. He is also in love with a beautiful, rich woman; but feels like an ordinary clumsy guy. Hitch takes on the challenge of coaching Albert and big laughs ensue.

James is wonderful in his first big movie, and he successfully brings his comic genius from television to the big screen. He and Smith make a great comical duo in every way.

Besides the comical and romantic scenes, the film has great dialogue. Someone could start a new philosophy with all the witticisms that Smith’s character throws out during the movie. Move over Plato, watch out Descartes; Here comes Alex Hitchens.

Hitch is a fun movie and will keep the audience laughing through its entirety. Combined with a nice dinner, this movie would make a great Valentine’s date for any couple.

Rating: A-

Comedy, PG-13, Running time: 115 min.