Variety hour

If the ho-hum of the same old bar is getting tiring, Peabody’s relaxed atmosphere can offer something different. Peabody’s Billiards and Games at 15333 Amberly Dr. has food, pool, darts, a full bar and nightly drink specials.

“We have shot specials every hour after 10 p.m.,” said Moe Amer, a manager at Peabody’s.

Peabody’s has 15 pool tables, 20 electronic dartboards, lots of TVs and NTN trivia. The latest gadgets include a wireless Xbox and PlayStation so you can play games like Madden anywhere in the bar. But if you don’t want to wait to play, get there early because the place fills up fast.

Thursday nights are ladies’ nights, and they even have a men’s night on Mondays. Each features $2.00 shot specials and two hours of free pool. Ladies’ night offers $3.00 you-call-its and two-for-one wells for the guys. Saturday nights are USF Bulls Night, featuring drink specials and a DJ next door at The Palms. This Saturday, Peabody’s is hosting a Gasparilla after-party.

According to Amer, Peabody’s is an alternative to Ybor City because there’s free parking, and it’s safer because it’s not as far for students to drive.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is actually friendly, unlike some places that might brush you off when things get hectic. The full-service restaurant offers everything from greasy junk food to salads and lots in between. The most popular item on the menu is the Macho Nachos, according to Amer. The nachos, served with cheese, chili, sour cream, jalapeños, tomatoes and scallions, are sure to satisfy any case of the midnight munchies. A full bar boasting 24 types of beers will keep the drinks flowing.

Peabody’s is a spacious location, well equipped to comfortably handle the evening crowds. There are stools and tables for people who want to relax and lots of room at the bar.

“It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, a great place to play darts and they have awesome pizza,” USF senior Allison Spencer said.

Peabody’s is something different that a college student can enjoy even if the budget is tight. Prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly and there is enough entertainment and drink variety to satisfy anyone.