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SG selects new head for rules committee

Last night’s Student Government senate meeting in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center Ballroom was brief due to the upcoming holiday break.

Senior Jennifer Wilson, a second-year senator, was selected as the new head of the Rules Committee. She replaced Kevin Hettinger, who resigned last week.

Senate President Stavros Papandreou spoke on what he sees as serious issues with the Florida Student Association, a statewide organization that lobbies the state government on issues affecting public universities. He said that not only is the FSA not operating according to its own rules and bylines but also it has “become a tool for (Florida State University).”

Papandreou said that theFSA, which is based in Tallahassee, is preferential toward FSU because of proximity.

He said that the Senate Leadership Council in the FSA would be proposing institutional changes to the FSA. He also said he thinks that USF should pull out of the FSA if those proposals are shut down. He said Florida Atlantic University would leave with USF should it decide to its membership in the organization.

USF spends approximately $35,000 a year to be a part of the FSA.

Bill 50, the controversial amendment to the constitution that would cap the senate at 50 seats, was brought to its second reading. Next week it will go through a third reading and voted on by senators.

A committee was formed in order to decide how to use the Capital Improvements Trust Fund, about $1 million that the school uses for construction of buildings as well as building repair. The committee will lobby to Student Body President Bijal Chhadva with its decision. It has been proposed that the CITF money be spent on a large electronic billboard for the Marshall Center. The billboard, which would be similar to the one on Fowler Avenue by the Sun Dome, would be placed at the intersection of North Palm Road and Fletcher Avenue.

Compiled by Chris Gardner