In search of Democracy

Why are we a republic of states and not a democracy?

USF alumnus and former Oracle writer David Pauling addresses this question along with his solution in his book Democracy, For Export Only.

When Pauling’s granddaughter, Jessica, was born on Dec. 27, 2003, he calculated that her share of the national debt at that time was $23,871. According to Pauling, that financial burden, as well as the overall state of our government, inspired him to write Democracy.

“Wall Street has absolute control of the worst kind of government that money can buy,” Pauling said.

Democracy offers a solution to the question of why America is a republic rather than a democracy: turn the republic form of government into a true democracy, where total power lies in the hands of the people.

“Wall Street special interests have invested over $1 billion in the current election cycle,” said Pauling. “The other two billion has come from the wealthy few who also have an ax to grind. Consider reality: if you donate $10 to your favorite politician, and a lobbyist provides a private jet and thousands of dollars, do you think your whisper will be heard over the roar of Wall Street interests?”

Pauling’s book encourages employee ownership of all national and local service industries and a smaller regionally assigned government. It also stresses the importance of voting.

“If each and every one of us will exercise this Constitutional right, it will send a warning to all politicians, telling them We, the People, are the majority, and we will be heard,” said Pauling. “Or you will be replaced.”

Copies of the book are available at Depot Press Publishing at .