Not so horror-able costume ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, and students don’t want to throw a sheet over their heads and be a ghost again. This year’s costume ideas include the classic, the sexy, dynamic duo costumes and some new and creative costumes, including some that are easy to make.

If the goal is to hit the party or club scene this year, here are some costumes that have hiked up the hems and pushed the envelope. For women, there’s always the French maid, Bavarian beer girl, Playboy bunny, Hooters girl and genie. Don’t think that you have to bare it all to be sexy. These costumes can be as skimpy or as modest as you want.

For guys, the goal for the evening is to have a costume that is the most fun and attention grabbing. The “Billy Bob” comes complete with beer gut and rotten teeth. Another fun idea would be Hugh Hefner. This costume is an easy one to pull off — a silk smoking jacket with matching pants and slippers are basically all men need besides gray hair and beautiful women hanging about. And the gangster outfit replete with pinstripe suit and black hat is sure to be a winner and attract the ladies.

Have a significant other? Couples can have a blast dressing in complementary outfits that are sure to stir up some laughs. Siamese twins, a pair of dice, a cop and robber and Fred and Wilma Flintstone are some creative duo ideas.

If students plan on hanging out with friends and want to dress in theme, there are plenty of options. The Britney Spears schoolgirl costume complete with plaid skirt, white blouse and high socks is always fun and popular. Also, opposites attract, and in the case of a Halloween costume, the devil and angel are always a popular theme. These costumes can be fun because you can make them as “bad” or “good” as you want. The Flapper costume from the 1920s is fun for women going out in a group.

When a costume is made of a person’s likeness, they know they’ve made it big. This year’s “celeb” to be is overexposed Paris Hilton. She’s been on the cover of almost every magazine and all over television this year, so why shouldn’t she have a costume, too? Other popular celebrity costumes include Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. And this year, instead of the traditional Clinton and Nixon masks, Bush and Kerry masks are sure to hog the spotlight.

Some easy-to-make and inexpensive costumes include a toga guy or girl or, because it’s subtropical Florida, Hawaiian girls and guys. We are sure that many students already have most of these costume pieces stashed in their closets.

Some great places to find costumes would be your local Spencer’s store, Party City and the Wooden Nickel. If students can’t find anything in local stores, is a great online source for costumes and accessories.

Halloween is a chance to be creative and step into the shoes of a different person. So go out and have fun this year with a costume, the more creative students get, the more attention they are sure to receive.