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New and Noteworthy for the week ahead

Beastie Boys
(Oct. 19/ St. Pete Times Forum $29-40)

Adrock, MCA and Mike D are coming to town to promote their latest release, To the 5 Burroughs, otherwise known as a love letter to New York City. Many Tampa residents look at the Big Apple with Oedipal nostalgia, and often either come from there or have an extended plan to go back. In spite of the band’s political activity, fans can expect a good time while the three guys fans have come to love will probably keep the election-year commentary to a minimum.

45 years of Barbie fashion
(Through Dec. 31/ Florida International Museum/ $5-$10)

Every couple of years broadcast news will air, as a final and supposedly cute segment, yet another anniversary of Barbie. Inevitably, one of the talking heads will remark on the doll’s resilient youth. If for no other reason, this local Barbie event is worth checking out just to see the empty souls who cling to her over the years, harnessing the same value as Trekkies who frequent Star Trek conventions. Also, there’s something eerie about Barbie, a combo of sheer camp value and falsely restrained elegance.

Team America: World Police
(Oct. 15 /In theaters everywhere/ price varies)

This latest movie from Trey Parker and Matt Stone may be the funniest project from the duo yet, using social commentary the way the old television series The Thunderbirds used to, with marionettes. The effect of the marionettes used in a major motion picture, shown through previews, is inherently satirical toward American movies and politics. Parker and Stone also target politically active actors that they feel are self-important, such as Alec Baldwin. Whichever side of the issues you lean toward, this movie looks to offend all.