The Music Fan’s Walk-In Clinic

DIAGNOSIS: Whenever someone digs up a cool and new or obscure act, your knee-jerk, skipping-CD response is “Velvet Underground … Velvet Underground ….”

ILLNESS: The obvious favorite-band syndrome. The world of music is seen in primary colors only.

SYMPTOMS: A mastery of tablature from Guitar World, including the hits from Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc. constantly interrupting party conversations with “What about Lou?,” frequent emphasis that The Beatles created rap with “Strawberry Fields,” as well as creating heavy-metal, grunge and emo with “Helter Skelter.”

PRESCRIPTION: Stop reading Mojo magazine; every other issue is about the best-of-the-best musicians we already know about. We know Dylan, Hendrix and Reed rock, but what about that guy Madvillian or Doug Martsch from Built to Spill? Music is like food, we need a variety in our diet. By the way, have you heard of DJ Food?

PROGNOSIS: After doing something different, you should be on your way to discovering new bands with the same intensity you championed old favorites. Also, it may be in your nature to be overly critical when others don’t abide by your new brand of virtue, so be patient with people if they haven’t yet heard of a band on Friday that formed on Monday.