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My first week at USF

When I found out that I was accepted here at USF, I knew that this was one of the first major decisions I would make on my own for my life. After visiting the campus while in high school, I knew that this was where I wanted to go. Since my acceptance in January, college has been constantly on my mind. College was where I belonged. College was going to be my new home.

The preparation for the move was exciting. Moving to Tampa was a big step because I had lived in the same town since I was born and graduated in a class of only 124. I was moving away from everything I had known and was used to. But I was tired of the high school way of life; I wanted to choose from a variety of classes, experience independence, and live a life completely unlike anything I have ever known.

After a week, I have done rather well for myself. I already realized how broke a college student really can become. I call home about twice a day but enjoy not having to ask my parents for permission to do things.

I was very nervous about sharing a room with a stranger, but my roommate and I have been getting along well so far, and I hope that continues until May.

My classes haven’t been too difficult yet, but my tune will probably change after a month. I liked being able to finally choose what classes I wanted to take, rather than being told by a guidance counselor what to take. Plus, having to go to a class only two days a week, with hour breaks between classes, definitely makes college agreeable.

Of course, the university experience isn’t complete without the social scene. In my short time here, I have already met people with whom I can eat dinner at The Fresh Food Company or watch movies in the residence halls. When I am not hanging out with those that I have known for such a short time, I am with my friends who have either came to USF this year or have been here for at least a year already.

I am fortunate enough to be living in Cypress Hall, the new freshmen hall on campus, where there is always something going on.

Every day, I find myself walking through the campus in disbelief that I am actually here. I feel as though I am on a movie set where every day is a new day to shoot. Then I realize that I am really here, that college is real. USF will be my academic home for the next four years, and I am looking forward to calling it just that: home.