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Architecture dean resigns

The School of Architecture and Commnity Design went through a big switch in mid-July — a change of deans. Stephen Schreiber, who served as dean for four years, decided to step down from his position to become president for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

Provost Renu Khator says that Schreiber’s resignation was imminent.

“(Schreiber) has truly built the School during the past four years,” Khator said in an e-mail, “and has been a great champion of the school. Because of his role at the national level, (Schreiber) anticipated spending more time away from campus, and he and I both felt that it was in the best interest of the school for him to step aside”

Beverly Frank, former student body president for the School of Architecture, described Schreiber as a “wonderful man and a wonderful leader.” She said she feels he will be an asset to the ACSA, an association founded in 1912 that Schreiber said serves to “advance the quality of architecture education.”

“We’re the voice of architecture education in the United States, Canada, primarily, as well as other institutions internationally, including the Dublin Institute of Technology and Kuwait University,” Schreiber said.

The organization is also involved in the accreditation process, which the SACD is due for renewal of this year.

While the process of finding a new dean is a lengthy one, the SACD hopes to have selected a permanent dean by the fall 2005 semester.

In the search for a new dean, Khator will form and charge a search committee.

Although outgoing deans do not typically have a role on the search, Shreiber said he wants to be involved in the recruitment effort.

“The way I will involve myself in the search is to convince people to apply for what I believe is a great job,” Schreiber said.

For now, the interim dean of the school is Daniel Powers, who has been with the School of Architecture since its establishment in 1986.

“I’m the last surviving member of the founding faculty (of the school),” Powers said.

“When we opened our doors, we had 12 students in the fall of 1986. Since then, we have grown to over 300 students.”

When the school opened in 1986, Powers was among the first educators of the program.

“He’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and a wonderful manager,” Frank said. “Students describe him as firm, but fair.”

Students have high expectations of the individual who permanently replaces Dean Schreiber.

“Whoever is in the position of dean (in the future) needs to be more forceful in getting us a school — we’re literally busting at the seams,” Frank said.

The SACD is now on a waiting list to receive funding for a permanent building on campus.

With the former dean now the president-elect of such an influential association, students believe that it may help USF gain exposure.

“And it’s good for our school to have that national recognition,” Frank said.

“If there is anyone who can do a good job (as president), it’s Steve Schreiber.”