Missing: Al Capone’s Antique Revolver. Can you help solve the crime?

On July 10, the Museum of Science and Industry will present its first mystery dinner theatre. The dinner theatre is an interactive show where guests collect evidence and help solve the mystery of Al Capone’s missing revolver.

The Whodunit Summer Dinner Theatre Series was inspired by MOSI’s new crime-solving exhibit WhoDunit? The Science of Solving Crime. The exhibit features an interactive crime scene in which guests can review statements, scour the area for evidence, examine fingerprints and solve the mystery of WhoDunit.

The concept for the dinner theatre was developed to compliment the WhoDunit exhibit and to provide additional interactive yet educational entertainment.

The dinner theatre involves audience members in solving the mystery of a missing revolver. The catch: multiple actors will be hidden among the audience.

“The actors will be sitting among the guests,” said Michelle Berg, events coordinator for MOSI. “The audience won’t know who the actors are until they make a scene.”

The director of the show, Lianne McDonnell, also wrote the script. McDonnell and actor Spencer Meyers developed the original idea for the dinner theatre. They then called up Berg to put it into motion. Meyers added that, although the show is very entertaining, it has a higher goal.

“It’s more for education,” Meyers said. “It’s definitely going to start helping people understand forensic science. When they go in through the exhibit at the end of the show, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, oh yeah. Okay … this makes sense.'”

Berg said the show is truly keeping with the spirit of MOSI.

“It’s high energy, highly interactive. That’s what MOSI is about, learning by experience,” Berg said. The cast for the show was selected by a casting call held in April and includes seven actors who have been rehearsing since May. John D. Hooper, an actor who plays the curator of the Whodunit? exhibit, has a background in improvisation and has studied in Los Angeles.

“It’s a very good cast” Hooper said, “I’d never been with any of these people before I started doing the show. … They’re a great group to work with.”

MOSI’s WhoDunit Summer Dinner Theatre Series starts on Saturday, and also has shows on July17, 24 and 31 at 8 p.m.

Prices are $40 for adults, $25 for ages 10-16 and $10 for ages 9 and under. MOSI Members receive a 10 percent discount, and additional discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.

Tickets provide admission to MOSI’s WhoDunit? The Science of Solving Crime exhibit, as well as a complete three-course meal including fresh caesar salad, garlic bread, chicken parmesan on a bed of fettuccine in a tomato basil sauce, steamed broccoli, and cheesecake.

Reservations can be made at (813) 987-6000 or visit MOSI’s Web site at www.mosi.org for more information.