Letters to the Editor

Kerry as President a laughing matter
Re: Column “Meet Kerry 2.0” June 3

It is always eminently entertaining to read the blather spewed by your extreme-left editorial staff, but Sebastian Meyer’s column takes the cake.

I suppose that John Kerry’s legislative history, which is replete with submittals to slash untold numbers of weapons systems and security personnel, is not deemed pertinent to the presidential campaign by the enlightened Oracle staff. However, we rubes and hicks out here have already had our fill of charlatanism from a president (see: Clinton, Billary).

Kerry’s attempts to speak as if he just appeared on the political scene are both transparent and insulting. He offers neither leadership (can you say flip-flop) nor security, and if this country elects him we deserve what we get.

As for what he will do “upon taking office” as Meyer wrote, the only way Kerry will see the inside of the White House is if he buys a tour ticket like the rest of us. For your information, Oracle, the days of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw et al lying through their teeth and monopolizing the media — and therefore public opinion — are over.

Kerry’s record is well known to the public at large, and is the real indicator of where his positions are. His record shall be well remembered come November, notwithstanding either his or your attempts to rewrite or erase history. Enjoy the second Bush term!

John Jaros is a senior majoring in chemical engineering.

Balancing biases would be a welcomed change

I don’t know if this paper is aware, but journalism is supposed to be an unbiased publication of facts, or opinions, that allows readers to decide for themselves. This paper fails this concept miserably on a daily basis.

I completely understand and support the First Amendment and the idea of being able to state your own opinions. However, this paper seems to publish anti-Bush opinions compared to pro-Bush ones, at a ratio of about eight to two.

Even the cartoons, which are meant to be humorous, are always by Mike Luckovich, who has a serious hatred for our president.

I don’t mind reading opposing opinions; in fact, I enjoy them, but is it that hard to have a balanced set of views? Or could it be that Democrats are so worried about the upcoming election that they feel the need to impose their views through excessive repetition?

Mark Vila is a sophomore majoring in pre-med.