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Letters to the Editor

Criticism of Mooreis free speech as well

I had to chuckle as I read the letters printed on June 2 concerning Adam Fowler’s column on Michael Moore (“Michael Moore a nuisance, nothing more,” May 24). It was amusing to see how quickly people defended Moore and criticized Fowler in the same breath, while invoking “freedom of speech.” Did Fowler not attempt to criticize Moore’s comments? Did he not have a right to?

While I assume this is partisan politics at its finest, I wanted to make something clear: Conservatives don’t bash Moore because he is a leftist. Conservatives dislike Moore because of his extremist views. On the political sliding scale, Moore is usually sailing on the edge of Christopher Columbus’ big blue ocean nearly gushing over the abysmal edge. While moderates rarely agree completely with one side or the other, it’s hard to relate to any of Moore’s opportunistic, preachy diatribes he occasionally delivers when given the face time. He is the fringe, and listening to him is like listening to the guy in the Honda Civic who is blasting his bass as he drives up next to you; you just start ignoring it after a while.

I am Conservative, but not a Republican and not (heaven forbid) religious. My dislike for Moore is as strong as my dislike for Rush Limbaugh, Trent Lott and Ted Kennedy.

I really cannot figure out how we keep some people in office when we want a representative for ourselves, not just a political party. We are creating a rift in this country between party lines, because we so often see the fringe pulling at the corners of this county in opposite directions.

I, for one, will stand up for anyone’s right to say something, but it doesn’t mean I have to pretend what they say has any credibility. We gobble up the imbeciles that ignorantly or blatantly believe their fellow Americans no longer have the capacity to separate right from wrong because our media finds them worthy of a line of ink. Always remember discretion is the better part of valor.

James Gilbow is a USF alumnus and majored in journalism and history.