Web Weekly

1. Wikipedia

A new form of online encyclopedia brings a world of knowledge from numerous individuals into a single online repository of ever-changing information.

Because the world is always in a state of transformation, any standard encyclopedia, be it print or CD, is already outdated on its publication day. This makes getting information on current topics a problem.

Wikipedia solves that predicament by providing a free, up-to-date listing of information that is submitted and edited by individuals who visit the site. The site’s system allows for inaccurate facts to be rewritten by any visitor.

There is, thankfully, a quality control system where users can submit major problems they may find in order to assure honest corrections. For the most part, the system is kept free from any drastic errors, as most users use the ability for good.

Since its inception in 2001, the online encyclopedia has amassed 248,838 entries in its English language section. The site is also written in numerous other languages, including French, Spanish and German.

In addition to covering such general topics as World War II and the Civil War, the site covers contemporary topics such as the TV show Married with Children.

2. Microfilm Gallery

Although there are some individuals who pull off crimes that can go unsolved for several years, there are still others whose stupidity seems to get in their way.

Committing the perfect crime may be somewhat impossible, but for these individuals, their ineptitude allowed police to apprehend them without having to investigate very far.

Clumsy Crooks provides visitors with an expansive database that covers anecdotes about criminals being caught in the act, escapes gone wrong, getaways that got nowhere and numerous other categories.

The site disperses this information through print stories and pictures from newspapers and books. In addition to the stories that are updated constantly, there is an archive of content that delivers hours of enjoyment.

Among the not-so-clever criminals featured on the page are the woman who called police to help her find her weed stash and the man who broke into a liquor store to steal cash but ended up drinking himself to sleep.

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