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Musical chairs

It may be a regular annual event, but there is nothing ordinary about this year’s student dance production, Assemblage: An Artistic Composition.

The production is a yearly chance for the dance students to choreograph and dance their own ideas out on stage.

The entire show is student produced. Maria Juan, one of the dancers, also uses her minor in public relations to help out with the show.

“I’ve been handling PR for the show for the past three years,” she said, “I love the production aspect.”

The students also draw talent from the neighboring School of Theater.

“The choreographers decide what kind of sets and lighting they want and they work it out with theater students,” Juan said.

As a matter of fact students run every aspect of the show, and they do not even have to be performance art majors.

The show is open to any student who wishes to put together a piece and audition it in front of a panel of three judges. This means there is always a wide variety of dance styles in a variety of sets.

This year, there were 22 auditions from students who wanted to be in the show. The judges who decide on the final 11 slots are not faculty or staff of the School of Dance. They are professionals from other fields that are exposed to different kinds of art.

“This year, one judge was an author,” Juan said.

There is much excitement this year about choreographer Erin Taylor’s “See Ya Later.” Taylor, 24, is a Dance Performance major. Her idea was to incorporate bean bags into the dance.

Taylor said, “the bags will be tossed, slid, thrown, used “in all sorts of ways.”

The concept is something that she has been working on for two years. Taylor was originally a gymnast who started dancing because she “loved the audience’s reaction,” she said.

Now the part she loves the most is the creative process.

Another interesting piece this year is “See What You Will,” choreographed by senior dance performance major Robin Balch.

Ashley Wilson, 22, a dance education major who is in the piece, said it is based on friends who are stuck in a picture together.

Wilson’s character “is fiercely writing a letter.” She insisted the only way to find out the result is to see the show.

Student production Assemblage: An Artistic Composition takes place in Theatre 1 on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. USF students are admitted free, general admission is $10.