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Bulls excited to play spring game

Weeks of endless drills and inter-squad scrimmages against familiar faces on the practice field have all built up to the USF Spring Football Game at Raymond James Stadium 1 p.m. Saturday.

And the players on the team are as excited as anyone.

“They love to go up against each other,” Defensive Coordinator Rick Kravitz said. “Especially if we break up teams and have a draft, they’ll be talking to each other for days.”

Traditionally, the coaching staff has a draft to split the teams up fairly. If the team’s final practice was any indication of how Saturday’s game will be, the final scrimmage will be fun to watch.

When the No. 1 offense went up against the first-team defense Wednesday, the intensity and excitement could be felt on the sidelines. Every play was punctuated by trash-talking from the sidelines and arm-flexing on the field.

“I know the kids are excited,” pass game coordinator Rod Smith said. “They’re ready to wrap up spring and finish it up at the spring game. We’re just going to go out there and let them have fun. We did all the preparing through the spring the last month. This is a time for them to go out and compete and just play and have fun — let their hair down and play as fast as they can.”

Between now and Saturday, Smith and the coaching staff have nothing more to work on, but he said he wishes he had longer to prepare.

“I wish we could have another month though, because we need it,” he said.