Owens gets what he wanted

Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — Terrell Owens can catch passes from Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia instead of just in Hawaii.

Owens got his wish to play for the Eagles, following a settlement reached Tuesday before an arbitrator could rule on the star receiver’s case to become a free agent.

“I’m so excited to be here and to play with D-Mac,” said Owens, who has played with McNabb in the Pro Bowl three times. “I feel like I fit in real nice here. I’m comfortable with the West Coast offense. The touchdowns I’ve had in the Pro Bowl, Donovan has thrown them to me.

“That just comes with two athletes going out there and making plays, just chemistry in the making.”

The Eagles sent a fifth-round draft pick to Baltimore and defensive end Brandon Whiting to San Francisco.

The Ravens got back the second-round pick they sent to the 49ers for Owens.

“If the arbitrator ruled he was a free agent, he could have gone anywhere. This was the Eagles assuring that he came to them,” said Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFL Players’ Association.

Owens, who spent eight sometimes controversial seasons with San Francisco, was supposed to become a free agent March 3.

But his agent, David Joseph, failed to file papers voiding the final years of his contract by a Feb. 21 deadline.

The 49ers then dealt the four-time Pro Bowl receiver to the Ravens on March 4, after Owens had agreed to a contract with the Eagles.

Owens protested the trade to the Ravens, refused to show up for a physical and insisted he wanted to play for the Eagles. The union filed a grievance on Owens’ behalf to make him a free agent.

“My heart was in Philly,” Owens said.