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Need a little Green?

It was only a few years ago that country music artist Pat Green was writing lyrics about keg parties at college fraternity houses. He wrote and sang about student life, referencing beer, tacos and road trips.

Since Green’s graduation from Texas Tech in 1997, his music has elevated from the beer drinking, party-boy mentality and matured into inspiringly upbeat country music.

Green started playing music when he was 18, admittedly to pick up members of the opposite sex. Now that he’s a married man with a young child, Green’s still not ready to stop touring the country and performing for die-hard fans.

The native Texan is following the footsteps of his musical influences, which include Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson. But those aren’t his only influences. In the past, Green has said that he looks to the sounds of Nirvana and Pearl Jam for inspiration as well.

Green’s music is backed by Texas pride, since he was born in San Antonio and currently resides in Austin. His escape from Texas boundaries wasn’t easy for him, but Green is steadily gaining popularity throughout the United States.

Prior to landing a major-label record deal, Green released five independent records that sold more than 200,000 copies in Texas.

This down-home boy used money borrowed from his family to self-record his first album, Dancehall Dreamer, in 1995. The album was a hit in Green’s local scene, and he drew more fans by performing regularly in venues near Texas Tech. He extended his music to larger audiences by playing nightly shows all over Texas, and eventually he began touring the country.

Green’s music eventually caught the attention of record executives in Nashville, and the artist signed with Republic in 2001. His first major-label offering, Three Days, debuted in the seventh spot on the Billboard country music charts and the record was nominated for two Grammys. One of those nominations included Best Country Song for the album’s title track, a song that barely hit the top 40 charts.

Wave on Wave hit third on the country music charts after its release last year. The record’s title track was voted SESAC’s — a performing rights organization for songwriters and publishers — Country Music Song of the Year.

The album was produced by Don Gehman, whose previous successes include work with John Mellencamp and R.E.M.

In an interview on the artist’s Web site, Green said his songs are “lyric-driven.” His music defines him as an artist, and his twangy tunes are growing in popularity.

Green has been profiled on Country Music Television and had also performed live on David Letterman’s show. He has even worked with Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) and Sheryl Crow on various side projects.

Green has left his country roots once again to embark on another tour, this time promoting his newest album.

Pat Green plays USF’s Special Events Center Saturday at 8 p.m. General admission show is $12.