Bulls meet Frogs in Houston

After six weeks of inter-conference competition, the USF women’s indoor track team will finish up its season this weekend at the Conference USA championships in Houston.

USF coach Greg Thiel and his team are walking right into the lion’s den in Texas. He said his team has to look toward TCU to find its only competitor.

“It is us and Texas,” Thiel said. “It looks like we are the only ones that can get over 100 points.”

Although admitting that there are other teams that have talent, Thiel said he is going into this weekend looking for a two-team competition between the Bulls and the Frogs.

“We have a real strong chance, but Texas Christian is real strong (too),” Thiel said.

“We will have to have an outstanding meet (to win).”

Thiel said it would be interesting too see how things shake out this weekend because the two schools have different fortes.

“We have to step it up a notch further to beat them,” Thiel said.

One of those areas that may be a surprise is sprinting. Thiel said his sprinters may be the next group ready to break out and make a splash.

“I think our sprinters are sleepers,” Thiel said. “I think some of our sprinters will step it up this weekend.”

One area that remains to be consistently good is USF’s throwing. With the duo of Chandra Brewer and Dayana Octavien, the Bulls are sure to compete well in the throwing competitions. Thiel also said he has seen those two improve over the two-week rest period the Bulls have had.

“That is one area that we are confident in,” Thiel said. “Those two girls are something. We are real confident there.”