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Web Weekly

1. Worst-Case Scenarios Online

From the creators of the best-selling book series comes an online guide on how to react when life presents a crisis that demands immediate attention.

There are times when it would be nice to have a reference manual for life’s unexpected turn of events. This is where Worst-Case Scenarios Online fits in, by providing a set of guidelines and tips for dealing with these situations.

Among the site’s guides for maintaining a cool demeanor in a tense situation are tips on surviving a shark attack, including pointers on fending off an attacking shark and different guidelines for assuring swimmers won’t become a victim.

The site is divided among several different sections, including an archive of numerous scenarios that cover such topics as extreme survival, dating, sex, travel and work.

Also featured on the site is an adventure game that tests a visitor’s knowledge when faced with the situations presented in the scenario guides. The player is given a score based on how far they get in the game due to the choices they make.

2. BookCrossing

Web surfers are now able to bring a new set of words to a book that has faced the test of time and is now traveling the world.

Following in the footsteps of sites that allow users to track a piece of property, such as a dollar bill, provides the opportunity to turn the world into one big library.

The system allows readers to share their books with other people from around the world in an effort to share their joy over a particular book. Visitors are encouraged to set their book free, so it can be read by someone else.

To participate in the system, users simply need to read a book, get a BookCrossing I.D. number so they can track it, leave the book in a location and wait for someone to register it on the site.

By using the system, readers can see where their book has traveled and can share their favorite works with an audience of countless individuals from around the country or even the world.

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