Letters to the Editor

Sex isn’t about recreation for all
Re: “Keeping it Neat Between the Sheets” Feb. 11

I don’t think what I have to say is going to win me popularity points, but opening up The Oracle to find a full-page article on how to have sex seems a little over the top to me. Actually, it is more than just over the top — it is offensive. My opinion on this may stem from my Christian beliefs, but my reasons for objecting to the article are more plentiful than just that.

To start, we live in a very sexually explicit society as it is where the idea of gratuitous sex runs rampant throughout any major university. Do we really need more media hype on a subject that could benefit from a “toning down” rather than from sensationalism? And if you examine the contents of the article itself, three graphs are devoted to Oliveira’s advice, while only one line mentions the idea of being safe. In an article glorifying sexual activity, at least devote some more attention to practicing safety.

My main objection pertains to the overall impression I got from the article about what sex is. Reading it makes me think of sex as some recreational activity, which you should practice to get good at and likely with more than just one person. This offends me much as I suspect it may also offend other students on this campus.

First of all, this idea of “recreational sex” sounds inherently unsafe, no matter the precautions you take. Second, this practice of sex as recreational is setting us up for emotional disaster; i.e., broken hearts and long-term sadness.

Finally, the Bible teaches that sex is a gift from God and it is to be shared within the confines of marriage. Now I am not so naïve that I think this is still a common practice in our society. However, I know what I believe and what is common practice in my own life.

This commentary is not a religious sermon, although some may interpret it as such. Rather I am just writing this to ask that consideration be made in the future of what is printed in the pages of The Oracle. Please don’t treat such a sensitive, serious and special topic like sex with frivolity — sex is more than recreation to many people.

Jason Burkett is a graduate student in the Masters of Accountancy program.