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Former congressmen visit USF

With their careers as elected officials behind them, two former members of Congress bring their long-term political expertise to USF to share their experiences over a two-day visit.

On tour with the Congress to Campus Visit program, former Illinois Republican Representative Ed Derwinski and former Michigan Democratic Representative Dennis Hertel will be on campus today and Friday to meet with students to discuss careers in politics, according to Kiki Caruson, a professor from the Department of Government and International Affairs.

The Congress to Campus Visit program sends former bipartisan members of Congress to visit college campuses nationwide. The goal of the program is to educate students on possible careers in government and political office, according to a news statement.

Derwinski served in Congress from 1959 to 1983 while Hertel served from 1981to 1992.

Derwinski and Hertel will begin their USF visit by lecturing in two government-related classes on Thursday morning, which are closed to all students who are not already registered for these classes, according to Caruson.

“The mission of the (Congress to Campus Visit) program is to engage students in dialogue concerning political involvement and possible careers in government and public service,” Caruson said. “The former representatives will be talking about their experiences in public service and encouraging students to consider public service.”

Thursday’s meeting, titled “Public Service Careers,” is an event open to the public that will take place at the USF Career Center located in the Student Services building, Room 1036 from 2 – 4 p.m. The meeting was organized for students who are interested in pursuing careers in government or public service.

On Friday, Derwinski and Hertel will speak at a Navy ROTC class, followed by an Army ROTC seminar. Both lectures are closed to students not involved with either program.